Monday, February 11, 2008

Indian Yumminess

I'm fairly certain that there isn't much you can do to potatoes to make me not like them. Even so, these Samosa Stuffed Baked Potatoes from Veganomicon still rank very high on my list of favorite ways to eat potatoes. And as a bonus, they're not nearly as bad for you as a baked potato loaded with Earth Balance and Tofutti sour cream.

To go with the potatoes, I made Red Lentil-Cauliflower Curry, also from Veganomicon. I am so glad that we have discovered a love of cauliflower. This recipe made a ton, but that's okay because it was delicious and we enjoyed eating the leftovers. I didn't serve it with any rice at first, since we had the potatoes alongside it, but once we ran out of potatoes, I made Saffron-Garlic Rice (yet another Veganomicon recipe) to go with it. Garlic is pretty much one of our favorite things ever, and we can't get enough of that rice recipe. I used to love those Near East rice pilaf mixes, but they are horribly high in sodium, so I never felt very good about eating them. I now found a yummier replacement, and it's less expensive to boot.

Clearly this is not part of the Indian meal, but this is the Skillet Corn Bread from Veganomicon, which I served with chili. I was intrigued by the jalapeño-onion variation, but it calls for putting cooked jalapeños and onions on top of the cornbread mixture. I like my jalapeños mixed into the batter, so that is what I did. This was my first time making skillet cornbread. My boyfriend had an old large cast-iron skillet that I never used because he had cooked meat in it. We got a wire brush attachment for our drill and removed the old seasoning so that I could re-season it and use it for vegan stuff. I guess I did a decent job of seasoning it, because the cornbread didn't stick at all. Yay! I love my "new" skillet. It sure is heavy, though. The skillet cornbread turned out great, even though I strayed from the recipe a bit. I was running a little low on plain soymilk, so I made up the difference with some plain soy yogurt. I'm always playing with new cornbread recipes, but I think I'll be sticking with this one now.


Anonymous said...

I made the curry tonight, it seems to be very popular so I thought I'd give it a try.

The skillet corn bread and the samosa baked potatoes look great too! It all sounds like it would taste good together. Veganomicon is prime!

Shay said...

I have been totally on an Indian kick too, the V'con is amazin!

Veggie Cookster said...

Ooooooh, those potatoes look sooooo yummy! And, I just got Veganomicon, so I'll have to give them a try! :-D

Bianca said...

I've been eyeing those potatoes in my Nomicon. I think I will make them now that I've seen how yummy they look. I'm definitely a sucker for a samosa!

Jennifer said...

i'm jewish and vegan, TOO! i just stumbled upon your blog when looking for seitan recipes, and i just wanted to say your cornbread looks delicious. i have a cast iron pan that's in retirement right now because of our new cooktop stove (i don't want to damage the stove) but i've been wanting to bake cornbread in it.

my favorite cornbread recipe is actually from "the joy of vegan baking" and i think it trumps the V'con one! Thought maybe you'd like to know so you can give it a go sometime.

i love your blog, you should update it more :)

Thea said...

This looks amazing! I am drooling.