Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pizza stones are awesome!

I finally got a pizza stone. It's official: I'm in love. This made the most perfect pizza yet. Instead of the usual quick pizza dough recipe that I normally use, I made the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance. It was awesome. It made enough dough for two pizzas, so I froze half of it and we'll have another pizza soon. I'm not actually a big fan of the faux pepperoni on here, but we had some to use up. I never ate pepperoni (or any other pork product) growing up, so one day recently when I had a coupon, I decided to try the fake stuff. Now, I have absolutely no idea if this tastes anything like real pepperoni, but I really don't think it adds anything special to the pizza. It also tends to burn, which my boyfriend says is because the real stuff is much fattier (yuck!). The soy cheese melted soooo much better on the pizza stone than it ever has before. Yum!


Kris said...

Pizza stones really are incredible. I got one when I bought VwaV and now I make all sorts of stuff on there, pizzas, calzones, foccacia. I can't imagine making a pizza in a crappy metal pan ever again.

If the pepperoni you bought was SmartLife or Lightlife (I can't remember which it's called), then yes, that's pretty much how pepperoni and salami tasted, just greasier so you end up with a slime in your mouth afterwards. yuck.

4th Time a.k.a. Jeff @ Coolwater4animals said...

The veg pepperoni available to me has too much fennel (I think it's fennel) for my liking. Made by Yves Veggie Cuisine in Canada (their Veggie Grounds are quite good - regular, Italian, & Mexican). But regarding the pepperoni, by the end of the package I'm usually sorry I bought it (because of too much fennel) and won't bye it again for a long time. It tends to burn unless you put the Vegan cheese on top of it! Then it's more palatable.