Monday, June 25, 2007

Butter Chik'N and Naan

Both of the dishes we made for dinner last night came from VegWeb recipes. I'd never had butter chicken or naan before, but both recipes looked pretty interesting to me. I used Morningstar Farms chick'n strips in the butter chicken recipe. They were pretty good, but I am still not wild about their texture. It's a little too authentic for me (but I have no idea if it really is authentic or not, since it's been 10 years since I had chicken). I think when (yes, when) I make this again, I will use seitan. Since I didn't want to buy a whole jar of sunflower seed butter, we bought some hulled sunflower seeds and made it into sunflower seed butter in our food processor. It was fun! I also used a few tablespoons of plain soy yogurt in place of the Silk creamer. Does anyone know what red chili powder is supposed to be? I used cayenne in its place, but only used a scant half a teaspoon.

Here is the naan recipe. I really have no idea why it says to let the dough sit for two hours in a warm place, since there is no yeast in the recipe. I let it sit for a little under an hour and it seemed to work just fine. I used Ener-G as the egg substitute and WholeSoy plain soy yogurt. I would really like to try the Wildwood brand of soy yogurt, but I've never seen it around here.


Anonymous said...

looks yummy! (1) from my limited knowledge of culinary stuff, i'm pretty sure that chili powder (like chinese 5 spice powder) is a blend of a handful of spices. i'm sure next time you are at the grocery store you can pick up a bottle and find out the exact mix of spices. (2) i also have no idea why the naan recipe calls for the dough to rest. usually this is only done with yeast breads after mixing & kneading so you can let the gluten structure relax and so it can rise. glad it came out good anyway ;) (3) be careful with the 'wholesoy' yogurt, there was a recall recently since it somehow got contimated with actual milk & made people with milk allergies very sick

Anonymous said...

oh p.s. good to know you tried some good recipes at
i find that website way too overwhelming so it is nice to know that yours turned out well

mollyjade said...

That looks really good. You should try sunbutter. It's amazing, and not that much more expensive than peanutbutter.

KleoPatra said...

How fun to make your own nut butter. i'm a fan of those M* strips tho i'm trying not to buy M* for the most part since they use egg whites in a lot of their stuff. i LOVE naan!! This all looks so good, Laura!!

bazu said...

Oooh, vegan naan! Who knew such a thing was possible??