Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jewish Cookies!!!

I was at Ross recently, just wandering around, and I spotted these awesome cookie cutters on clearance. They were only 99 cents! There is a Chai (Hebrew word for living), Star of David, Torah, menorah, dreidel, Kiddish (prayer over wine) cup, and a shofar (ram's horn...I like my vegan version much better).

With my new cookie cutters, I just HAD to make some sugar cookies. I used NoWhey's recipe from the PPK. I used Ener-G as the egg replacer. Normally I use flax seeds as my egg replacer, but that doesn't work for sugar cookies (unless you like little brown flecks in your sugar cookies). Later I dipped these in a chocolate ganache, but somehow I never got around to taking pictures of the chocolate-covered cookies.

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KleoPatra said...

I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!