Friday, September 21, 2007

Long Time No See!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted. We went to the beach for a week, then we went to Nashville for a couple of days. I have been cooking, but I don't usually blog about what I cooked unless it is something new. We have a lot of repeats. What can I say? We like our comfort food.

This is bengan bharta (eggplant). When we were in Nashville, we went back to the farmers' market. At the international store there, we got various Indian spice mixes, one of which was for bengan bharta. We got lots of veggies at the market too, including eggplant and local tomatoes. I followed the basic recipe on the spice mix box, but it really didn't have much heat to it, so I added a bit of red pepper powder (also found at International markets). I tasted it and then decided that I'd made it a little too spicy, so I added some plain Silk soy yogurt. I really wish I hadn't done that. Before that, it was tasty, but a little too spicy. After the soy yogurt addition, it had a sourness that I really didn't care for. Oh well, I'll know better for next time not to add Silk soy yogurt to Indian food.


bethie said...

Not to be preachy, but the Organic Consumers Assocation has lots of negative things to say about the Silk soy brand. I think they are part of White Wave or Horizons Organics and Horizons Organics has been in the news lately for treating their milking cows 'factory farm' style :(

Laura Faye said...

Yeah, I know that Silk is by no means perfect. I am pretty sure that they are owned by Dean Foods. It seems, though, that many of the health food store brands are owned by larger, not so earth-friendly brands. I wish I knew where it was, but I once saw a map detailing how the organic brands are tied to other brands. It was really surprising to see who owned what. We all do what we can. There are very few independent vegan or organic companies. The few that are out there are often cost-prohibitive for me at this time.