Friday, September 21, 2007

Paella with Tomatoes

We recently picked up a copy of The New York Times. I flipped through the dining section, not really expecting to find anything applicable to vegans. I was surprised to find a vegan paella recipe (assuming you use vegetable stock), especially since I always thought paella had shellfish in it. The paella with tomatoes recipe by Mark Bittman can be found online here, although I'm not sure if you'll need to log into the NY Times site in order to view it. Since I had the recipe in mind when we were at the Nashville farmers' market, we got local roma tomatoes there. Yum! Unfortunately we don't have an oven-safe skillet, so we had to make this on the stove-top. It worked all right, but I plan on trying it again in the oven once we get said skillet. I served this with sautéed chickpeas and artichoke hearts (I added some spices and such, but can't remember what I used besides nutritional yeast). This was very good, but we both agreed that we might add a little heat to it next time (cayenne or red pepper flakes, I suppose).


bethie said...

Speaking of the NYTimes, the New Yorker recently put out a 'food' issue with tons of great stories and articles.

Chirimolla said...

Ooh, I MUST try this!

Thanks for linking to the original NY Times Article - didn't need a subscription to get to the content.