Friday, November 16, 2007

More from Veganomicon

I served the leftover ED&BV Kinda Corny Muffins with Veganomicon's Chile Cornmeal-Crusted Tofu. I did the baked version, but forgot to spray the tofu with oil, so it was a tad bit dry. The flavor was still very good, though, and I would make this again. I am sure I would also like it fried, but I was trying to be a bit healthier. There was tons of extra coating, so I battered and fried (yeah, so much for the healthy thing) some mushrooms. My boyfriend came in the kitchen, found me coating the mushrooms, and said, "oooh, somebody loves me!" (He'll probably kill me for repeating that, but he meant it to sound goofy, I promise.) We had the carrots with the Black Creek Ranch Dressing from The Native Foods Restaurant Cookbook. It's peeking out of the top right corner of the picture...I don't know why I didn't take a purposeful picture of it. It's really good and so simple.

For dessert we had the Vanilla-Yogurt Pound Cake from Veganomicon. I haven't had pound cake in, least a decade, but the wait was most definitely worth it. This might just be one of my favorite desserts yet. It's so moist and full of flavor. We still have plenty left, but already I want to make another. The strawberry sauce on top is homemade. I don't follow a recipe for it, but it is frozen strawberries, sugar, a splash of orange juice, and a cornstarch slurry.


VeggieGirl said...

so fun that you're incorporating different cookbook recipes into one meal - everything looks delicious!! I'm especially intrigued by the Veganomicon pound cake, since I too haven't had any in at least a decade; and your homeade strawberry sauce looks/sounds like the perfect topping! :0)

aTxVegn said...

The cornmeal crusted tofu seems quite popular. I've had my eye on that pound cake. Yours looks wonderful and my mind is racing with more topping ideas!

How do you like the Native Foods cookbook? Do you use it much?

Laura Faye said...

I actually don't own the Native Foods cookbook. Someone just gave me the ranch dressing recipe awhile back and I love it. The cookbook is on my wish list, though.