Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tofu Paprikas

When Isa posted this tofu paprikas dish on her blog the other day, I just had to try it. I'm not even sure why, since I had never heard of the dish before and I don't normally care much for cream sauces. Nevertheless, she somehow sold me on the idea. This was really tasty. The sauce wasn't too heavy, which I think is what I normally dislike about cream sauces. My version didn't have much spice to it, which I suppose means that my Hungarian paprika wasn't very spicy. I'd like to try this again with a hotter paprika. I think I should join Spicy-Food-Eaters Anonymous.


rezervatom said...

yes, we have to sorts of paprika, sweet and hot. this kind of dish is usually made with sweet paprika, and sour cream. if there is a vegan alternative for sour cream, next time try it with that. and add mushrooms, or use only mushrooms. it's a great dish anyway.
and if you eat vegan omlette or scrumbled "eggs", spread some sweet paprika on the ready dish, that's yummy too.

a hungarian vegetarian (from germany)

Latayy said...

i am already in spicy food eaters anonymous but I am cheating!