Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Basque Stew

Basque Stew from Marie Oser's The Soy of Cooking. I just got this cookbook at a used bookstore recently, and this is the first recipe I've made from it. I read through the whole recipe before I started, since it was the first time I'd made it, but for some reason I didn't think to look at how much it made. After I'd cut up all the vegetables and stood there thinking, "good gosh that's a lot of vegetables," I looked. TWELVE SERVINGS! We'll be eating this for awhile. Yes, that's right, we're eating stew in the summer. The picture in the cookbook was pretty and I couldn't help myself.

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Cruise Missile said...

Well hello! That looks yummy! Especially because my dinner tonight was the mini-bottle of wine that was left for me in the hotel room.