Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm sure it looked odd taking pictures of my cruise food

We just went on our first cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. We were pretty worried about my finding vegan food to eat, especially since the woman we were told would confirm my special diet request with us never returned our phone calls. Things worked out pretty well, though, as you can see.

Some sort of vegetable patty with tomato sauce on top....in the little pouch on top, there were lentils hiding on there. It was fun, like having a present to open for my dinner!

Stuffed Pepper

I think this was pasta with a pepper sofrito.

Kiwi and grapefruit over a raspberry sauce.

Deep-fried tofu with Chinese pea pods.

Not your typical burritos, but good none the less.

Salad with grilled vegetables. The lettuce all had to be cut up, and once when I was cutting it up, it went flying and landed beside the plate of the man seated next to me (we were doing the shared seating thing). So mortifying.

Eggplant with pistachio-mint sauce.

Champagne waterfall. We didn't actually have any of the champagne. I don't particularly like it, and we left before they finished pouring all of the champagne--it was taking quite awhile.


VeganDoc said...

What cruise line? I haven't cruised since going vegan, and I know on Carnival that lacto-ovo vegetarian was tough enough.

Laura Faye said...

We went on Princess. The head waiter would always show me the menus the night before and I would order with him. I often had to special order, but usually it only involved minor changes to a vegetarian option on the menu. If there wasn't anything on the menu that really caught my eye, they were always willing to make me pasta with marinara sauce (which was actually quite good).

Anonymous said...

You can now select VEGAN on the list of special requests for Princess Cruise lines. You can make the request right on their website under the customer care section. Hurrah!