Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bagel (soy) dogs!

I saw these bagel dogs on bunnyfoot's blog and I just had to try them. They are so cute (and tasty)! I was thinking that my package of Yves' veggie dogs had eight links in them, but after I'd already divided the dough in eight parts, I realized there were only six in the package. Hence the twist of bagel dough you see in the picture. The success of the bagel dogs has boosted my confidence to actually try making bagels. I promised my boyfriend a couple of months ago that I would make some. I should probably deliver on that promise.


madeinalaska said...

wow..We cook a lot of the same kinds of food.. I have made these twice now.. though my hubby is not fond of the fake hot dog .. so, i usually do these up when he is out of town. They are a real hit w/ the little ones (4&5 year old)..

KleoPatra said...

i dig the twist. looks like challah!