Monday, January 01, 2007

For so long I didn't eat chocolate....

And then one day I just decided that I wanted to again. I have to say, it sure is good.

These are peppermint patties; I got the recipe from SDGvegan's blog, Vegan-licious (recipe here). These were AWESOME. Mint+chocolate=heaven.

This one is candy cane chocolate bark. I found organic candy canes at the local health food store--yay! The recipe is the Sublime Chocolate Bark recipe from Dreena Burton's Vive le Vegan, but I subbed the candy canes for the dried fruit and nuts. I had fun taking a hammer to the candy canes, and I kind of wished that the noisy guy who lives downstairs had been home to be annoyed by it (but I checked and he wasn't--I wouldn't seriously have sat there banging on the floor if he'd been home. Even though he is rude, I just can't be that rude back.).

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KleoPatra said...

i've had neighbors like that... grrrrrrrrr!

You sound a lot like me... ya think tough, but it's tougher to really go through with the tough stuff when it comes down to it.

No, ya can't go wrong w/chocolate. This stuff you have on here looks marvelous!